Apple Bee Fun School

a unit of Kidz Paradise

Headmistress (Apple Bee Fun School)

At Kidz Paradise Apple Bee Fun School, we do not feel that a child begins to learn only when they turn a particular age. Therefore we begin a gradual introduction to the more structured learning process as soon as we feel each child is mature enough to do so.

Children need to make sense of the world through curiosity, discovery and involvement in guided activities, set at the right level for their individual capabilities. Their social and emotional needs must be met also and this is considered to be of paramount importance in small children. A happy, loving atmosphere with plenty of cuddles allows a child to develop his or her true potential. We pride ourselves on creating a secure and happy environment to allow the children to be responsive to the opportunities for emotional, social and cognitive development.

We at Kidz Paradise believe in the philosophy of 'Play, Learn and Grow... Together!’ 

We don’t believe in entry barriers to quality education. Our belief drives us to accept all children and help them to be the best of themselves.

Our prime focus is to nurture the uniqueness of every child. We have designed a diverse range of indoor and outdoor activities to achieve well defined learning. Our aim is to impart a sound education by cultivating in them habits of piety, virtue and discipline while they go through their studies.

Everything that we do in Kidz Paradise, Sripuria, is based on our assumptions about how to shape up the young generation who will the future of our country. We sow the seeds of skill, attitudes and qualities that will help our students contribute to the world with the prospects of better culture.

Within our school we make sure each child is treated as an individual, with equal opportunities. We see each child as a whole person, not simply as under 2, a 2-3 or as a 3-5 year old. Therefore whilst following a pre-determined Learning Journey and Activity Plan we will be guided by the individual child, their choices and thirst for knowledge and will encourage each child to develop to their full potential. To this end we have a record of achievement, compiled by nursery staff, parents and the child themselves. The children are not pressurized because learning should be fun, children have absorbent minds, a natural curiosity and lots of enthusiasm for learning and we will help them to channel these energies.

To achieve our high standard of childcare with our school in Tinsukia our general policy is to appoint only professional staff and to continuously update and further their training and individual potential. Children like to feel that they have one or two “special people” who not only know and understand them but can also comfort them when they need it. At Kidz Paradise these special people are called “Key workers”.

In addition we naturally give high priority to the health and safety of the children, including the highest standards of hygiene, particularly in our toilets whilst also ensuring we have a First Aider on the premises at all times.