Apple Bee Fun School

a unit of Kidz Paradise

As we know"School is a miniature society and the future of our nation is in our classroom".So,we really feel that Apple Bee Fun School is the right place for building the base of our kids with the richness of all its technological systematic and arranged infrastructure and curriculum.We as parents are highly impressed with the abilities of our daughter,which definitely she acquired only because of the right guidance and care from the school authority.Finally,we send our heartiest regards and wishes for the shining future of the school.

                       Mrs. Priyanka Bora Talukdar &Mr.Mrinal Talukdar

                                                                                    (Parents of Ishpita Talukdar)

All the parents see a dream about their kid's life.A school plays an important role in this field.A school is the most important platform from where every one start their journey for their bright future.As a mother,i too was thinking about my kid's education where he will be cared & get proper education.In that moment i noticed a banner of Apple Bee Fun School and took a decision to admit my son to the school. But, many person advised me not to take such decision because the school is nothing but a new born baby. Inspite of many objections i have not changed my decision.Now i feel proud of my decision because i am sure that my son is getting much more better education than any other school. May the Almighty bless the institution with His divine power.               


                                                         Mrs. Basabee Chakrabarty

                                                         (Mother of Sayan Chakrabarty)